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Kelly Scherr, MBA, M.Ed

Educational Consultant and Executive Function Coach

Kelly individualizes her executive function coaching for college students to meet the needs of each learner. All students, with and without learning differences, can benefit from attention to their unique strengths and challenges. Building core competencies in executive function skills has benefitted her clients as they transition to college.
College planning students work with Kelly to realize their potential through matching student and family priorities with those colleges that give her students the best chance for success. She works with all types of learners and reserves a portion of her practice to work with students diagnosed with ADHD, ASD, and other learning differences. Her experience working one-on-one with students as an Executive Function Coach helps her understand the specific strategies needed to support diverse learners in college environments.
Kelly earned her undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering from The University of Pennsylvania, earned a Master of Business Administration from The Wharton School, and later completed her Master of Education. Kelly completed additional graduate-level coursework focusing on the Neuropsychology of Learning Differences at the Atlantic Seaboard Dyslexia Education Center (ASDEC) and Academic Strategies and Executive Function Supports for Students with LD, ADHD, and Autism at Landmark College Institute for Research and Training. Kelly is a Professional Member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA), a member of the Potomac and Chesapeake Association for College Admissions Counseling (PCACAC), and a WOW Writing Workshop Partner.

College Planning

College Way Consulting supports students and families to help them find best-fit options for post-secondary education. Kelly works with families to understand their priorities and to help students explore academic interests, location, size, culture, and college supports. Each college search and application process is customized to meet the needs of each student. Kelly works will all students including students with ADHD, ASD, and other learning differences. 

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College Executive Function Coaching

The successful transition from high school to college level academics requires an increased level of independence and new academic strategies. College academic expectations vary greatly from those in high school, and our students are facing these challenges without the supports they have become accustomed to from parents and teachers. Executive Function Coaching can help to bridge that gap by supporting growing student independence and self-confidence. 

Executive Function skills needed for college success include: Planning, Time Management, Organization, Prioritization, Task Initiation, Flexibility, Attention, Impulse Control, Self-Advocacy, and Self-Monitoring.

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Just wanted to thank you for all your help with my son's applications. You're amazing and we're so thankful we had the benefit of your experience, support and organizational skills. You alleviated all of the stress, and he learned so much along the way. Also, I was so happy with the quality of his essay under your guidance - it really captured his essence and was well written.

Kelly - DC Metro Area

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say that your interview prep was excellent.  My son did an outstanding job on his college interview.  When he got off the call he even said, "I didn't even recognize myself", but I could tell he was really proud of himself.  


Darcy - Philadelphia, PA

When my college senior who had taken a semester off started his classes to “finish up" and graduate, Kelly came to the rescue to help him finish STRONG! She was just what the doctor ordered. Not only did she help him understand exactly what needed to be done step by step, but she did it in a friendly, non-judgmental and encouraging way that made him feel supported and confident.


From providing structure and organization after reviewing each syllabus to telling him what day he should do his laundry or take a mental health day, she guided him through all the necessary steps. We are so proud of our son and his finance degree and can’t thank Kelly enough for getting him across the finish line!

Tracy - Delray Beach, FL

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