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Kelly customizes her work with each student. The goal of EF Coaching is to work alongside students to find the strategies that work best for the individual and increase self-confidence throughout the process. Student skills can be developed to play to their strengths and utilize strategies to support specific challenges.

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Examples of Support for College Students

Develop academic goals for each semester

Analyze course syllabus and track assignments

Expand strategies related to study skills, test prep, and tas initiation

Learn skills to self-advocate with professors and other college staff

Improve time management and organizational skills

Create digital calendar to support organization and out-of-class study time

Develop note-taking and annotating skills

Review college accommodations and request additional supports as needed

Clarify the Learning Management System/student portal used on campus

Develop strategies to break assignments into manageable tasks

Support student use of on-campus resources (tutoring center, writing center, library)

Learn to evaluate the quality of your own performance

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